Khalif Motors Ltd is a leader in transportation and logistics with a vision to be the best and to serve the truckload transportation needs in Africa.


The type of business we are involved in is mainly road transportation of both dry and liquid cargo specially petroleum products. Its subsidiary KAAH ENTERPRISES engages the retail business in the trading sector and KHALIF REAL ESTATE, which holds properties, and vast lands located in prime areas of Zambia.


We establish policies and procedures that reflect the best way to operate the fleet with the customer in mind. We do efficient and high quality transportation of goods and services .


Acquire the type and number of vehicles necessary and appropriate to meet the needs of our staff and customers to perform their duties.

Rent the vehicles to qualified customers on either short or long term arrangements, whichever is most appropriate and economical for their requirements.

Manage the fleet in a manner that insures the lowest possible operational cost while maintaining consistently high mechanical reliability.

Organize a staff and maintain a facility which provides superior service, repair, reservation and dispatch, and administrative support to the customer.

Ensure that the service continues as a financially secure and self-supporting operation as it strives to achieve non-profit or break-even status.

Maintain, repair, and dispose of the vehicles in a manner that brings the highest possible return on money spent.

Establish policies and procedures that reflect the best way to operate the fleet with the customer in mind.

Think independently and competitively to obtain the best ratio of dollars spent to miles driven.

Company Fleet

We manage a wide variety of fleet.

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One of the best family owned businesses in Zambia. they are great at what they do best.


This is how it should be done. Transporters, take a note of this


Lots of good memories of Khalif Motors.